Welcome to Our Website!

IWCA is an International Club, founded in 1994 by ladies, who lived abroad and knew from experience the importance of friendship. (Founder Liz Vincken)
Ladies from all nationalities are welcome. In case of over-representation of one nationality a waiting list will become effective.

The Club is a non profit-making organisation,  non-political, non-religious and non-commercial. The language of our Club is English.

We provide monthly MEETINGS and EVENTS for our members and by this we like to contribute in a way to the strengthening of bonds between nations.
Our Club has lots of sub groups which give our members the opportunity to enjoy an ACTIVITY together. Informality and friendliness will bring an atmosphere of warmth and geniality to all club activities.

IWCA can help you understand Belgian culture and adapt to the way of life in this country.

Each month our members receive a Newsletter with a Calendar and updates of our Activities and as well as photographs.

Yearly we donate to CHARITYin the Antwerp region.

For your information we are connected to other websites via LINKS.

Please feel free to CONTACT us for more information.