Dear IWC Edinburgh,

To all of you who made it all happen. We send you our love and thanks and congratulations, as you created a splendid and memorable weekend for all of us. We saw and met a fantastic city.  In our next newsletter we will be able to promote Edinburgh “your city” to all the other IWC Antwerp members.  We met new people from other IWC clubs all around Europe. We all took the opportunities you gave us of sharing ideas we can make IWC a great organization and enjoy even more of these lovely events together.

We all are looking forward to the next Get2Gether

Thank you so much.

IWC Antwerp

The IWCA is one of several


The IWCA is one of several IWC groups in the Benelux. We maintain links with these groups and exchange ideas and information regularly. We are also members of the Open Door Program, putting you in contact with IWC groups all over the world. Additionally, we provide links to organizations that provide services, information and expertise that may be helpful to our members.

New club year starts


A new Club year starts again in September and offers you an instant network of like-minded women to help you feel at home in and around Antwerp. We are here to answer your questions, help you discover the area and get to know the community, share some good times and most importantly, make new friends.

The Welcoming Committee strives to provide support for both new and existing members and welcomes you all to our monthly meetings.  It also helps coordinate a Newcomers’ Coffee morning a few times a year. Whether you have been in Belgium a few weeks, months or even a year or longer you are welcome to join us for coffee.

You will be able to connect with members and learn about activities, support and benefits of being a member of the friendliest club in Belgium.