Monthly Meetings and Special Events

IWCA generally meets once a month from September to May at the “OPEN GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB” in Brasschaat. We start with a coffee/tea, followed by a lecture. The subjects of these lectures range from topics of interest to ladies, to topics on current affairs, art, tourism, literature, etc.

In October we host an informal charity fair with a cake, book and trinket sale. All proceeds go to our charity account.
In December, our members can sign up for a Christmas lunch and in January for a New Year’s reception.
In May we look forward to a club excursion and in June we have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a reception where ladies are encouraged to wear hats.

For those interested in or new to the IWCA, we are preparing a Newcomers coffee morning or get-together. Board members and contact ladies from our activity groups are present to welcome them and give them the necessary information.
The Club helps members who invite ladies to their homes for a Coffee Morning, an Afternoon Tea or even more special for a Charity related event, such as an Open Garden.

The IWCA is one of several


Letter from the Chair of Open Door: 

The idea of ‘Open Door’ was started in Stockholm in 1980 by Elisabeth Samman. Whilst travelling with her husband, a Rotarian, the hospitality extended to him by fellow Rotarians in foreign cities made such an impression on her that she thought this could help members of International Women’s  Associations have a similar reciprocity in opening their doors to each other when visiting or moving to another country. ‘Open Door’ was established with nine Intl. Women’s Associations each agreeing to nominate an International Co-ordinator (ICO ) to welcome IWC members of sisterclubs to their own clubs as guests, at monthly meetings and other club activities as well as exchanging newsletters and correspondence. ‘Open Door’ aspires to facilitate and promote  inter-club contact and communication between  International Women’s Associations which are non-political, non-religious and non-commercial and where membership is open to all nationalities. The ‘Open Door’ network is administered by means of a Directory of member associations with club and contact details of Presidents and International Coordinators.

In this way much is being done to help each other through contact with women of different nations, by promoting mutual understanding, furthering cultural exchanges and cultivating friendships which altogether lead to a richer and broader understanding of each other. Today we are almost 70 clubs around the world, and we are keeping in touch with most of them.  

If you would like more information about how to get your club on the list of Open Door, send an email here! 


Marja van Loopik

Chair Open Door Worldwide

Club year 2023-2024


Our club offers you an instant network of like-minded women to help you feel at home in and around Antwerp. We are here to answer your questions, help you discover the area and get to know the community, share some good times and most importantly, make new friends.

The Welcoming Committee strives to provide support for both new and existing members and welcomes you all to our monthly meetings.  It also helps coordinate a Newcomers’ Coffee morning a few times a year. Whether you have been in Belgium a few weeks, months or even a year or longer you are welcome to join us for coffee.

You will be able to connect with members and learn about activities, support and benefits of being a member of the friendliest club in Belgium.